Mac and SMB File Sharing

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  1. TG says:

    “Do not use the ‘Creator Owner’ permission on shares. This will cause a permissions disaster if multiple users share files.”

    How to disable the use of ‘Creator Owner’ permission on shares? Thank you!

  2. Scott says:

    The problem you talk about: macOS 10.14 – Admin prompt when moving or renaming a folder.

    I have this same issue with 10.11 and 10.13.6.

    On 10.13.6 it says ‘Preparing to move file’ and then goes to Beach Ball and locks up the finder, only way to recover is to force shut down the mac and restart.

    Would this be caused by the virus protection we have on server ‘Trend Micro’ (Server 2012 r2)?

    We also have Trend Micro on the macs, do we need to disable Real Time scan on both the Mac and the server or just the server?


    • GumptionTech says:

      I haven’t seen the Finder getting locked. The usual workaround is to dismount and remount the SMB share.
      I recommend doing some testing disabling Antivirus remote server scanning from the client.

  3. Scott says:

    Also, a lot of people says its the Icon preview and Quick look view that causes the server to lock the file so its can’t be moved, do you have any thoughts on that?

    • GumptionTech says:

      Quick look and display preview when using column view can cause problems. Recommend switching to list view if experiencing problems. If extreme problems, turn off icon previews for all views.

  4. Scott says:

    Disabling Icon Preview has stopped the finder locking up. So good to find this solution. Hope it helps others.

  5. gegeweb says:


    Thanks for this topic.

    defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool TRUE
    This must be done for the user account not for root.
    Because the script is executed by root (via sudo), so, we need do that for the current user :

    if [ “$(sudo -u $(logname) defaults read DSDontWriteNetworkStores)” -eq 0 ]
    sudo -u $(logname) defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool TRUE

    If the current user is not the target, list of users can be listed by this command :
    dscl . list /Users | egrep -v ‘^(_|root|nobody|daemon)’

    No need to remove /etc/nsmb.conf, just overwrite (it will be better to copy for backup), here is my solution with less lines 😉 :

    if echo ${OSversion} | egrep -q “^(10.15|10.14|10.13|10.12)”
    cat > /etc/nsmb.conf <> /etc/nsmb.conf || echo “dir_cache_off=yes” >> /etc/nsmb.conf
    echo ${OSversion} | egrep -q “^(10.13|10.12)” && echo “signing_required=no” >> /etc/nsmb.conf

  6. Ernest says:

    Hello, thanks for posting this. I’m on 10.13.6, and I have been trying the terminal commands. I get 730 read/write when direct connected fiber, but the same raid is 200 write/570 read when connected SMB over 10G. Is that all that’s possible? Also is there a way to easily return SMB back to default settings? Do you freelance? Please email if you are able to log in set up some of these fixes. Thanks!

  7. Alex says:

    Hi All,

    Any other tips for bin sur ?
    I have disabled dsstore and smb singning.
    The performance is still poor.

    best regards

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